PerfectBlueSky Dolls is a tiny new side project I started in my native home of Atlantic Canada.  I decided to try out making a Robert Smith doll from The Cure one day and it turned out pretty good, so I started making other dolls from there. These dolls make excellent gifts!  If you or someone you know wants a doll made (doesn't have to be The Cure), please email me and let me know which doll you would like. (Paypal OR money order only) PayPal preferred! Transaction will be done like it is done on Ebay. Payment first before doll is made.

30$CAN plus shipping for each doll.
I have posted shipping info below.
Dolls are around 8.5 inches.

If you know anyone who might be interested, pass on the word!
Thank you to those so far who have requested!!!

Shipping info:

US & Canada : 9.00$ to ship one doll.
Europe: 2 weeks delivery cost 9.00$CAN to ship one doll.

*If you want more than one doll, I will let you know the shipping once the order is complete, as it is based on weight.

Contact info:

***Only serious inquiries please. These dolls take time and money to make! Thank you.

Thanks to those who have purchased a doll from me :D
I'm glad that you all love them & to those who wish to order a doll:
I have put this side project on hold for now but hope to start back up again down the road!
Keep checking back to this site & enjoy :)

 The Cure

Porl Thompson & Robert Smith doll 

Back of Porl Thompson doll with tattoos 

Simon Gallup & Robert Smith doll 

Biker chick 

Martin Fry from ABC

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